Safety is Everyone’s Business

At DFI, we believe that safety is everyone’s business, and have the safety record to prove it. The extensive safety program we created continually evolves with the foundational belief that safety requires leadership and commitment from the owner down through management and supervision, to the workers on the ground.


We firmly believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable. Every incident that occurs is followed up with an investigation and the findings are communicated to all employees to ensure similar incidents won’t happen in the future.


We also believe that no company can ever rest on its past achievements and successes. Our employees, and the crews we work with, have the right to expect us to provide them with a healthy and safe work environment. We can only achieve that through continual improvement in safety and all our management systems.


DFI maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our motto is, ZERO compromise towards safety.

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