Deep Foundations For The Wind Energy Movement

Expertly designed, reliably driven. We are DFI, your one-stop steel piling source – and we’re excited to be your “foundation” for the wind energy movement! From design to cap, start to finish, consider it handled.


Deep foundations are demanded for wind turbines. A critical consideration in the design phase is high tensile forces, combined with horizontal loads and overturning moments. As wind turbine height and blade length continue to increase their foundations are subjected to even greater amounts of stress.


DFI is proud to bring its extensive experience in steel pile deep foundations (both helical and driven) to wind energy providers. Steel piles are an excellent alternative to concrete piles for numerous reasons, especially when concrete supply is a challenge due to accessibility and transportation.

Helical Piles For Wind Turbine Foundations

Helical piles have become a popular option for wind turbine foundations and are often used in less stable soil conditions. A helix offers similar benefits to the bell end of some concrete piles – both provide greater soil resistance making the pile less susceptible to uplift.


Furthermore, the wide concrete bases required for belled concrete piles place limitations on how close turbines can be to each other.


DFI can install an industry leading continuous pile length of 20 metres.

Driven Steel Piles For Wind Turbine Foundations

Driven steel piles provide yet another viable option for wind turbine foundations. They’re ideal in harder soil conditions, where subsurface boulders or shallow bedrock exist.

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