Gateway Delta Casino Project

EllisDon, the acting Construction Management representative for Gateway Casinos, has contracted DFI for their project in Delta, BC.  Here are the details:

  • Piles are to support a new casino development at the Junction of Highway 99 and Highway 17A in Delta, BC. (
  • The scope of work includes: assisting with the helical pile design, pile fabrication and shipment, survey services, and installation of piles and pile caps.
  • 1141 helical piles.
  • The piles are 324mm X 18.288m (12.7mm wall thickness), with two 31.8mm thick X 762mm diameter helixes.
  • Over 88 loads of freight.
  • Two track cranes required for installation. The ability to install piles in a single length provides a significant cost savings for the client.
  • Challenging geotechnical conditions, including the water table at 1 metre below grade and seismic considerations including a liquefaction zone from 1 to 15 metres below grade.
  • This large project is adjacent to a major thoroughfare with roughly three million vehicles in road traffic per year.
  • Project is expected to take roughly 55 days to complete.

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