Pile Design

Ensure Accuracy & Reduce Risk With In-House Pile Design

Our in-house team of engineers create concepts tailored to your needs and are ready to assist with up-front design and testing.

The main advantage of in-house design is accuracy. Our engineers’ only focus is pile design – and has been for decades – we’re experts at it! Nailing the design phase, the first time, reduces project risk (delays, time and costs).

The DFI engineering team works directly with our field crew to understand soil conditions, loading information, installation criteria, changing environmental conditions, and other considerations. This ensures that your project progresses smoothly and that we can adapt quickly if needed.

What We Do Services

Engineer working on pile design
Pile Design
DFI Piling Pipe Mill
& Supply
Surveyor laying out piles
Pile Survey
Drilling Close Up
Pile Installation
Pile Installation
Pile Testing
Pile Testing
Pile Cap Supply & Install
Pile Cap
Supply & Install
Pile Extraction
Pile Extraction
Hydrovac Truck
Steel Driven Piling in Progress
Driven Piling
Helical piles over pipes
Helical Piling
Sheet Pile Install
Sheet Piling
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