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At DFI, we place top priority on efficiency. Everything we do is to make your project run smoother to save you time and money. Our wide range of services make it possible for us to complete any job from start to finish with the design, manufacturing, and installation all kept in-house. We reduce your administration time and avoid communication breakdowns by acting as a single point of contact.


Starting with design, DFI has a team of civil engineers on staff to provide designs, secondary assessments, as well as load testing of a driven steel pile or helical pile foundation. This ensures projects use the most cost-effective number and size of piles.


Designs are handed directly to our manufacturing team, who check our extensive stock of piles and equipment. Whenever there is a shortage or special requirement, our state-of-the-art pipe mill gives us the capacity to deliver exactly what is needed, in a timely manner, eliminating overseas shipping, and avoiding delays.


DFI’s modern fleet of tractor trailers and equipment include bed trucks, heavy haul trailers, and in-house designed and manufactured RGZ cranes. Our custom-built, proprietary equipment was designed to handle hard-to-reach locations, low overhead space restrictions, and adverse climates. And because we make our equipment, we can address issues right in the field, should any arise.


In addition to pile surveying, driven and helical pile installation, and pile cap installation, we also offer pile pre-drilling and pile removal, if required.

All of our services are completed by an extensively trained team that is capable of handling any issue as it arises so we can get in, and get the job done.

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