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As DFI often works directly for project owners, we understand some of the challenges that general contractors face. From pre-mobilization inspection test plans (ITPs) to turnover packages at the end of the project, DFI is ready to partner with general contractors to make projects successful for all involved.



Our in-house engineering team can provide complete foundational design services and consultation to identify more efficient ways to design and supply the piles and equipment you need. By looking at the entire scope of the project, even as early as the bid process, we can help anticipate schedule challenges and ensure that cost overruns are mitigated long before the project begins.



Our state-of-the art pipe mill and large inventory of material located in Edmonton, Alberta allows us to provide made-to-order piles, saving you on trucking and extra cutting and capping costs. The proximity of the pipe mill to job sites in North America also means we can turnaround rush orders much faster than suppliers from overseas.


With 11 locations across Western Canada and the United States, our mobilization costs are can be minimized, saving you further time and costs getting to the site. Our on-call services from these locations also allow us to be flexible to shifting project timelines, enabling us to work with you as part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.



Our custom-built, proprietary pile installation equipment was inspired by the rough terrain and harsh climate we occasionally work in. Our equipment is purpose built and maintained by mobile in-house mechanics and shop personnel so that we are able to deploy and start working on time. By building our own equipment and having well-trained, experienced staff, we can fix most equipment problems that might occur right on site. If we aren’t to able to remedy more challenging mechanical issues in the field, DFI maintains the largest fleet of pile installation equipment in the industry. We will work hard to ensure your project doesn’t run behind.


By finding efficiencies and cost savings that you can pass onto your client, we are helping set you up for success.


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