Hydrovac Services For Piling & Beyond

DFI is proud to include hydrovac as part of our one-stop-shop suite of piling services. We also provide hydrovac for many non-piling related projects.

Our late-model fleet of Tornado hydrovac excavating equipment is capable of exposing underground facilities, removing debris, slotting trenches, and digging holes in the harshest climates and restrictive spaces.

Our Hydrovac Fleet

We maintain a large fleet of high capacity, tri-drive hydrovac units with a boom reach of over 9m (30′) capable of carrying up to 8 m3 (282 ft3) of fresh water and 10 m3 (282 ft3) of debris. When additional water is needed, we have dedicated water trucks ready to deploy.

Additional Hydrovac Capabilities


We can work in temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F and our equipment is housed in a heated van body with 1,000,000 btu boilers.


We have a wide range of water pressure capabilities to suit varying applications, as well as, equipotential bonding for protection when exposing buried high voltage lines.


Our DFI crews are Fortis Certified, Ground Disturbance Certified and H2S Alive® Certified, have first aid training, and all other industry certification requirements.

What We Do Services

Engineer working on pile design
Pile Design
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Surveyor laying out piles
Pile Survey
Drilling Close Up
Pile Installation
Pile Installation
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Pile Testing
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Pile Cap
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Pile Extraction
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Driven Piling
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Helical Piling
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Sheet Piling
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