Pile Installation

Versatile, Rugged Equipment for Every Job

Our extensive range of purpose-built pile installation equipment allows us to tackle tough terrain in remote locations, harsh climates, tight overhead spaces, and environmentally sensitive sites. By maintaining the industry’s largest fleet of pile installation equipment and manufacturing much of that fleet internally, we are able to deploy replacement equipment quickly and, when necessary, make repairs in the field with little disruption to timelines.


When we struggled to find a crane that could tackle challenging conditions, we designed and manufactured our own. Our durable RGZ cranes have proven to be the best multi-purpose machines in the piling industry.


Our proprietary, built in-house, fleet includes

  • 43 RGZ cranes
    • Rubber and track-mounted
    • Able to be assembled into piling rigs in 30 min
    • Able to perform crane work, drive piles, screw piles, extract piles, and pre-drill through frost
  • 8 blast hole rigs able to predrill up to 16” OD, modified in-house
  • Full suite of pile installation equipment, from hydraulic hammers to leads


Driven Pile Installation

  • Handle sheet piles, pipe piles, H piles, and timber piles
  • Deliver 131% kinetic vs. potential energy differential
  • Drive piles up to 85’ (26 m) – one of the longest continuous lengths available.
  • Drive piles up to 36” (914.4 mm) diameter


Helical Pile Installation

  • Install an industry leading continuous length of 75’ (23 m)
  • DFI drive heads can deliver up to 300,000 ft/lbs of torque


Versatility for Any Need

Our RGZ cranes are designed to do the job of multiple pieces of equipment. The rubber tired mounted cranes can haul a skid steer, leads and hammer, and up to 28,000 pounds of piling material to site. Once piles are installed, most DFI units are also able to lift pump jacks, tanks, or buildings into place.

  • Boom length 66, 75, and 80 ft. (20.1 m, 31.2 m, and 24.4 m)
  • Lift rating 24 – 40 tons


Built Rugged

When designing the RGZ crane, we prioritized functionality and durability. Each piece of equipment is capable of navigating rough, off-highway conditions, a range of demanding climates, and varying soft or uneven leases. The tracked RGZ cranes can be hauled without additional permits.

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